(msledziak) #1

Hello, my problem is that the router periodically disconnects and I have to turn it on and off again to the internet worked, often happens as I do not do anything on the computer but as soon as I go and i leave the computer on overnight or for downloading a movie online August disconnects again and again I have to turn it off and turn on, what could it be, thank you for your help.

(Marcin) #2

Do you have latest firmware on the router? Do you say about wireless connection? Wired connection is everything ok?

(msledziak) #3

firmware v8 with connection all OK

(Marcin) #4

Please check on TP-Link site. Is this latest firmware for this hardware version?

(msledziak) #5

ok i was download and ubgrade we will see it help or not

(Marcin) #6

I'm waiting for results. If there are still problems please give me screen shot from Wireless Settings bar.

(msledziak) #7

still disconecting and i must turn off and turn on to start work