Crashes on TL-WR941ND v3 with DDWRT

(Miichaelll) #1

I've updated my router to version DD-WRT v3.0-r27700 std (08/20/15). When i'm downloading something big or i'm just using the wifi devices to browse internet suddenly my router crashes and i have to restart it manually by turning him off and again on it happens after 1-3hours. What i mean by crashing? Hm i cant connect to internet routers is turning off WLAN so i can't see him on devices and once i saw that every light on router panel is on.
I've tried to update to the newest ddwrt R27805 but after update i couldn't connect via Wi-Fi to router only LAN was working, i could see my router on available routers but connecting to him were cousing error on every device which i tried so i've decided to get back to R27700 by chosing in DDWRT settings (R27805) in update zone file (R2770) and clearing the settings.
Help me please couse this problem is very annoying and it happends from two days.
Thank you!

(Marcin) #2

I think that better solution for your TP-Link will be Gargoyle. Firstly you have to back to original firmware and next install Gargoyle.

(Miichaelll) #3

Thank you for your reply!
Can you tell me why do you think Gargoyle would be better? Do you know if my router is compatibile with that frimware?
Thank you!

(Marcin) #4

Because I saw many TP-link routers with Gargoyle and DD-WRT and I think that Gargoyle is better for those routers.