Tp-link td-w9970 v2

Ten wpis został oflagowany przez społeczność i został tymczasowo ukryty.

Those are xDSL routers as I suppose so opensource community is not as much interested here as for TL series as xDSL are more tighlty coupled with the provided xDSL operator service and usually contains proprietary part (DSL modem) that is not really useful in typical opensource usecases. Most of such routers you could then use only as Access Points that is a bit of waste.

More info:

Anyway the dump should be still doable using usual methods but here were mostly supporting endusers and it will be hard to find anyone both having such a device and be able (and/or willing) to work with the serial console to genrate such dump.

thanks jakub but i think that dump Whoever owns this router can save a copy of the programmed backup
best wishs

Is it doable via pure software? I suppose you still need the serial console.